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Measures clinically-dysfunctional anger.

31162 Anger Disorders Scale, Kit (ADS Kit)
31162C ADS Software Kit
31162R ADS QuikScore Full Forms, Pk/25
31162S ADS QuikScore Short Forms, Pk/25
31162I ADS Software Interpretive Reports, Pk/25
31162P ADS Software Profile Reports, Pk/50
31162B ADS Reusable Item Booklets, Pk/10
31162D ADS Data Entry Sheets, Full Form, Pk/50
31162-DS ADS Data Entry Sheets, Short Form, Pk/50
31162M ADS Technical Manual


Anger Disorder Scale (ADS)
Measures clinically-dysfunctional anger.

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph. D. and Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph. D.

  • Age Range: 18 and older
  • Time:  5-10 minutes-Short
               10 minutes-Full

The ADS assesses anger as an independent problem, rather than a secondary symptom of another issue. It uses an Anger-In/Anger-Out model, which examines physical aggression resulting from anger, as well as the cognition that may be a part of affective aggression. ADS results provide a strong basis for appropriate intervention and treatment plans.

Scales and Forms

  • Scope of Anger
  • Hurt/Social Rejection


  • Physiological Arousal
  • Episode Length
  • Duration of Anger


  • Rumination
  • Resentment
  • Suspiciousness


  • Revenge
  • Coercion
  • Tension Reduction


  • Brooding and Verbal Expression
  • Physical Aggression
  • Passive Aggression
  • Rational Aggression
  • Indirect Aggression

The ADS consists of both Full-length and Short versions. Both are available in hand-scored and software formats. For the hand-scored ADS, responses are recorded and scored on QuikScore Forms. 

The ADS Kit includes 10 reusable Item Bookets, 25 Full QuikScore Forms, 25 Short QuikScore Forms and a Manual. Data Entry Sheets are sold separately. The ADS Software Kit includes the Getting Started Guide, 25 Interpretive Reports and a Manual. Software Profile Reports must be ordered separately