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Exploration and motor coordination

Ugo Basile Rota-Rod

Essential for Motor Coordination Measurements

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Ugo Basile Activity Wheels for Rats and Mice

 Especially useful for research on circadian rhythms or motor function

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Ugo Basile Rotometer for Mice

Measures Rotational Behavior in Untethered Mice

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McCulloch Diving Tank Maze

A new maze and animal model for exploring autonomic reflexes. See the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE) for video, images and more details.

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Ugo Basile Activity Cage

Connect up to 6 cages!

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Ugo Basile Agora Maze

The Ugo Basile Agora Maze is a new social interaction cage, designed after the SocioBox Method.

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Parallel Rod Floor Apparatus

A test of mouse motor incoordination

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Completely automated system designed to make behavioral tracking convenient and affordable

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Open Field

Used to assess exploratory behavior and validated for use in the measurement of anxiety

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Ugo Basile Sociability Apparatus

For the assessment of Autistic-like behaviors

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Novel Object

Allows for testing of short- or long-term memory

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Hole Board

For exploratory and/or spatial learning and memory experiments

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Conditioned Place Preference

Environmental/Spatial Place Conditioning

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DigiGait Imaging System

Quantify the stance and swing components of stride.

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