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optodrum: automated measurement of the optomotor reflex

The OptoDrum experience is fully automated. Place a mouse on the platform inside the arena, and the OptoDrum will present slowly rotating stripe patterns to the animal. Its behavior is monitored by a camera, and our software determines if the animal follows the stripe pattern with its head movement. The stripe pattern will be adjusted over time (made more difficult to be seen, e.g. by lowering the contrast), until the animal no longer shows the reflex-driven behavior. No training is necessary for the animal, and only very limited training is necessary for the user. The OptoDrum is incredibly easy to use, right out of the box.

65300 OptoDrum: Automated Measurement of Optomotor Reflex, Mouse

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65300-1 Monitor arm for 5th monitor

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The following features are available:

  • Automated detection of gaze direction with freely moving animals in a non-static illuminated background
  • Automated adjustment of stimulus pattern
  • Automated behavioral analysis
  • No experience required