Ugo Basile Automated Radial-Arm Maze

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ugo basile automated radial-arm maze

Ugo Basile's Automated 8-Arm Radial Arm Maze quickly, but silently, opens and closes doors using a guillotine-like mechanism, providing researchers with automated assessment of spatial memory components like reference and working memory.  Each automated radial-arm maze includes a central platform and door mechanism, control unit, standard or low-profile arms, custom configured laptop computer, camera, camera accessories, and a copy of the critically-acclaimed ANY-maze Video Tracking Software!

60245 Radial Maze, Automated

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60247 Radial Maze, Automated, Mouse, Low Profile Arms

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The Automated Ugo Basile 8-Arm Radial Maze uses a fast and silent mechanism to drive its doors, which glide underneath the floor.

Unlike other instruments which rely on stepping motors to operate the doors, the Ugo Basile original electromechanical design ensures quick operation, very little noise, and no visual obstacle to video-tracking from above, thanks fto the door mechanism underneath the floor.

 The Instrument consists of three elements:

  • the Core, which contains the doors mechanisms and the central platform. Made of steel to ensure stability when in place, is coated with a non-reflective grey color, without any indentation or protrusion to avoid any unwanted space reference for the animal
  • the Control Unit enables the researcher to open and close the doors manually or via TTL signals using the BNC connectors located on the front panel. The mouse access to any arm can be set so that individual doors or multiple doors open and close simultaneously.
  • the Set of Arms. 8 arms radiate from the central platform at equal angle. Each arm is long 35 cm, 5 cm wide, with 8 cm high side walls (41153).

Arms of different profiles can be supplied on request; model 60247 features “low profile arms," designed to optimize the visibility of extra-maze cues in allocentric spatial memory tests.

The Ugo Basile Radial Mazes have been optimized for video-tracking, but it can be operated manually with PC-driven operation modes (via TTL or USB connection, for Any-maze users.