Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System

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ugo basile startle/ppi system

The Ugo Basile Startle/PPI system is used to detect startle response in mice. Each system includes one touch screen and mouse cage. Software activation key sold separately.

58005 Software Activation Code for Ugo Basile Startle/PPI

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58002 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Four-Cage System

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58003 Additional Mouse Unit for Startle/PPI

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58000 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Single Cage System

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58004 Upgrade Kit from FC to Startle/PPI, Single-Cage, Mouse

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58001 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Two-Cage System

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The Ugo Basile STARTLE/PPI System allows for automated detection of startle reflex in Mice. 

The Startle/PPI set-up is part of UB conditioning-cage; a single touch-screen controller manags all UB cages.Contact Stoelting for full details!


  • Touch Screen Controller - controls up to 4 cages! 
  • Maximum Flexibility - full event randomization
    • Prepulse
    • Pulse
    • Inter-Pulse Interval
    • Inter-Stimulus Interval

The Stimulating/Recording Platform is the core of the set-up, encompassing the box where the mouse is placed, the light and the speaker, which deliver the startling stimuli (pulses), and the detection system. Two Mouse Boxes are provided as standard:

  • Small Mouse Box: ID 84x34x39(h)mm
  • Large Mouse Box: ID 84x39x44(h)mm

Startle-Link Box collects the signals from up to 4 Stimulating/Recording Platforms and sends them to the Controller.