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ANY-maze Driven Behavior

Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey

Automated Assessment of Threshold to Mechanical Stimuli

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Ugo Basile Learned Helplessness Apparatus

Widely used for depression assessment

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Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance Step-Down Apparatus

Automatic recording of escape latency!

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Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD)

Automated measurement of hot or cold or mechanical orofacial pain

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Ugo Basile Thermal Gradient Ring (TGR)

A novel device for the analysis of comprehensive thermal preference phenotyping.

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Ugo Basile Hot/Cold Plate

Temperature range -5°C to 65°C

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Parallel Rod Floor Apparatus

A test of mouse motor incoordination

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Ugo Basile Passive Avoidance Apparatus

Efficient, reliable instrument for the classic passive avoidance task

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Ugo Basile Active Avoidance

Part of Ugo Basile's Conditioning Battery

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Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System

Automated Measurement of Startle Response in Mice!

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Gemini Active and Passive Avoidance System

Run up to 8 independently operated stations directly from your laptop using a standard USB.

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Ugo Basile Fear Conditioning System

State-of-the-art system for accurately detecting movement and freezing associated with fear

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Startle Response

The most widely used startle response system on the market

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Stoelting Lickometer System

Measure licking and drinking behavior in mice.

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