Ugo Basile Thermal Plantar

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ugo basile thermal plantar

The Thermal Plantar Test Instrument (Hargreave’s Method) measures response to infrared heat stimulus. Focus the infrared source below the Plantar surface and with the press of a button … latency to paw withdrawal and infrared intensity are recorded automatically (i.e. no manual scoring!). The Plantar Test represents a remarkable advance in methodology, as it combines the best features of all other methods of measuring pain sensitivity. Unique to the Plantar Test, the animal is unrestrained and unhandled during experiments.

55370 Ugo Basile Thermal Plantar, Rats & Mice

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57390 Ugo Basile Radiometer

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57823 Multiple Configuration Animal Enclosure (12 Animals)

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57102 Durham Animal Restrainers, Set of 2

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Automatic measurement of hyperalgesia to thermal stimulation in unrestrained animals.

  • Computer compatibility: direct connection to a PC, via the dedicated software included as standard
  • PC Interface: USB and serial
  • Read-out: multifunction liquid-crystal graphic-display
  • Data Portability: via the Memory-Key provided with the standard package
  • Print-out: by optional thermal mini-printer
  • Universal Mains85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Automatic detectionof the behavioural end point
  • Validityunaffected by repeated testing
  • Greater bioassay sensitivitythan other thermal or mechanical tests
  • Each animalcan serve as its own control
  • Starting: via keys on the I.R. Vessel.
  • I.R. Intensity: adjustable in the interval 10-99 (in one digit steps)
  • Reaction Time: three-digit LED display, 0.1s steps
  • Calibration: via I.R. Radiometer