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Chicago Chapter of Neuroscience
March 23, 2018
Chicago, IL

Workshop on Stereotaxic Surgery in the Laboratory Mouse
Bar Harbor, ME
July 31-Aug 2, 2018

Biomedical Research Equipment and Supplies Exhibit
Ft. Detrick, MD
May 2-3, 2017

Canadian Neuroscience Meeting
Montreal, Canada

May 28-31, 2017

American Aging Association
New York, NY
June 3-6, 2017

Calgary, CAN
June 8-11, 2017

International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS)
Hiroshima, Japan
June 26-30, 2017

Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology (SBN)
Long Beach, CA
June 11-14, 2017

International Narcotics Research Conference
Chicago, IL 
July 9-14, 2017

Snowbird, Utah
July 9-12, 2017

International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society
Madrid, Spain
May 15-18, 2017

Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse
Bar Harbor, ME

September 24-29 2017

Japan Neuroscience
Makuhari Messe, Japan

July 20-23, 2017

Australian Neuroscience Society Meeting
Sydney, Australia
December 4-7, 2017

NIH Research Festival and Exhibit
Washington D.C.
September 15-16, 2017

Society for Neuroscience
San Diego, CA
November 3-7, 2018 

American Association for Lab Animal Science (AALAS)
Austin, TX 
October 15-19, 2016



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German Neuroscience  
Gottingen, Germany
March 22-25, 2017

International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society
Madrid, Spain 
May 15-18, 2017

Bordeaux, France
May 17-19, 2017

Barcelona, Spain 
May 22-24, 2017

Nordic Neuroscience 
Stockholm, Sweeden
June 7-9, 2017

Neuropathic Pain
Gothenburg, Sweeden
June 15-18, 2017

Polish Neuroscience 

Warsaw, Poland 
August 28-31, 2017

European Behaviour Pharmacology Society EBPS
Crete, Greece 
August 31. September 2, 2017

European Brain and Behaiour Society EBBS 

Bilbao, Spain
September 8-11, 2017


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Structured Methods in Language Education
October 25 & 26, 2018 | 8:30 am – 4:00



  • OCALICON 2018

              November 14-16 | Columbus, OH

              Conference on Autism and Disabilities

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2018 CASD Presentation


Very excited to have Susan Mayes, author of the Checklist for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CASD-… …), and her team presenting on the CASD at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2018






        International Conference 2018 will be held July 25-29, 2018, in Reno, Nevada


IC18 logo 11-6-17

NASP 2018 Annual Convention
February 13-16, 2018
Chicago, IL



2017 AASP Annual Conference: Shining the Light on the Spectrum of School Psychology Practice
Black Canyon Conference Center
9440 North 25th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Nonverbal Assessment Hands-on Workshop for CE Credit

with Drs. Gale Roid and Brian Syzdek

Date: Saturday, 11/4/17

Time: 9am – 1pm

Location: Northern Arizona University North Valley Campus 15451 N 28th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Registration Link:

Cost: Free