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hvlt-r kit

Quickly assesses verbal learning and memory.

32657 Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised, Kit (HVLT-R Kit)
32657M HVLT-R Manual
32657A HVLT-R Form 1 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32657B HVLT-R Form 2 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32657C HVLT-R Form 3 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32657D HVLT-R Form 4 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32657E HVLT-R Form 5 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32657F HVLT-R Form 6 Test Booklets, Pk/25


Quickly assesses verbal learning and memory.
Jason Brandt, Ph. D. And Ralph H. B. Benedict, Ph. D.

  • Age Range: 16-92 years
  • Time: 5-10 minutes, plus a 25-minute delay
  • Restricted Use: Level C- requires fulfillment of b-level qualifications, and users must have training and/or experience in the use of tests, and must have completed an advanced degree in an appropriate profession (e.g., psychology, psychiatry). Depending on state requirements, membership in a relevant professional organization (e.g., APA) or a state license/certificate in psychology or psychiatry may be necessary.

The HVLT-R provides brief assessment of immediate recall, delayed recall and delayed recognition. It is ideal for use with brain-disordered populations with Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease and amnesic disorders. It is administered by reading the words aloud, then asking the client to verbally repeat the list of words (immediately; then after a delay), and identify the words from a word list that is presented verbally. The word list includes both target words and distractors.

The HVLT-R is easy to administer and score, and is well-tolerated by even significantly-impaired individuals. Tasks include three learning trials, a delayed recall (25-30 minute delay) trial, and a yes/no delayed recognition trial. The delayed recognition trial consists of a randomized list that includes 12 target words and 12 non-target words, 6 of which are drawn from the same semantic categories as the targets. Raw scores are derived for Total Recall, Delayed Recall, Retention (percent retained) and a Recognition Discrimination Index.

Six distinct forms of the HVLT-R are available, eliminating practice effects on repeated administrations. Each form consists of 12 nouns (targets) with four words drawn from each of three semantic categories. The semantic categories differ across the six forms, but are very similar in their psychometric properties. Each form is printed in a different color.

The HVLT-R was designed to be similiar to the BVMT-R, in terms of administration and scoring. Together, they provide thorough, complementary assessments of learning and memory.

The HVLT-R Kit includes a Manual and 25 each of the six Test Booklets. A stopwatch (not included) is required for administration.