31736-neuropsychological-assessment-of-adults-with visual-impairment-tactual-formboard

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neuropsychological assessment of adults with visual impairments (naavi) tactual formboard test

NAAVI Tactual Formboard Test uses long-standing methods of non-visual assessment to provide multiple scores about spatial understanding, spatial learning, and memory, which have implications about strategies for teaching spatial awareness.

31736F NAAVI Tactual Formboard Test


NAAVI Tactual Formboard Testis a subtest from the Neuropsychological Assessment of Adults with Visual Impairments (NAAVI) Kit (#37036).  It is an assessment of spatial understanding, spatial learning, and memory.  NAAVI author, John Gallagher, stated that this is the most informative subtest in the NAAVI kit.  The test can give immediate information to the examiner about the examinee's ability to learn new spatial information, which has implications about examinee's ability to learn spatial information in the environment, a major determinant for independence.

The test has a puzzle like holes on one side with 10 pieces.  On the other side is an outline of those shapes to assess memory for object locations.  The materials are made from a dense, durable, and cleanable plastic.

It assesses:

  • Sustained Attention
  • Memory
  • Planning
  • Spatial Understanding