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Stereotaxic drills

Micromotor Drill

Micromotor technology puts the motor in the handpiece yet maintains a slender profile.

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Flexible Shaft Drill, Hang-up Style

Powerful motor and flexible shaft offer very low vibration and noise

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Dremel Moto-Tool

A versatile hand-held tool for general lab preparations

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Drill Bits & Accessories

Carbide drill bits, cutting wheels, dental cement and other Stereotaxic Surgery related accessories

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Cordless Micro Drill

Can function for up to 8 hours on a single charge

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Portable Micromotor High-Speed Drill with Drill Bits

New portable micromotor with pocket/pouch-size control unit has built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery for the ultimate in portability. The control unit features a digital RPM display.

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Bone Anchor Screws

Ensure that Dental Cement (Cranial Plaster) attaches appropriately in Stereotaxic placement of cannulae

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Screwdriver for Bone Anchor Screws

Positive gripping action holds, starts, and drives slotted screws in small, awkward, hard-to-reach places

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