Digital Manipulator Arms

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digital manipulator arms

Digital Stereotaxic Manipulator Arms have sealed electronic sensors, highly immune to outside interference and environmental conditions, on each axis. Measurements are accurate to 10 microns in all three directions. Movements are monitored by a large, easy-to-read LED display module, with resolution as precise as 10 microns.

51904 Digital Manipulator Arm, 3-Axes, Add-On, LEFT

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51906 Digital Manipulator Arm, 3-Axes, Add-On, RIGHT

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51902 Digital Manipulator Arm, 2-Axes, Add-On, RIGHT

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51905 Digital Manipulator Arm, 2-Axes, Add-On, LEFT

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You should consider an upgrade if you currently own a vernier model stereotaxic. Purchasing a Digital Stereotaxic arm allows for

• Memory of target coordinates

• Zeroing function at reference point

• 10-micron digital scale

Upgrading your existing stereotaxic to a digital model will reduce the risk of human error and increase accuracy (10-rather than 100-micron resolution). The large LED display is also useful for surgeries performed in low light, or constrained environments, where reading the vernier scale is difficult.