Ugo Basile Activity Wheels for Rats and Mice

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ugo basile activity wheels for rats and mice

Activity Wheels are designed to provide an easy convenient method for measuring laboratory mice or rats motor activity over long periods of time.

57434 Activity Wheel with Counter, Rat

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57436 Activity Wheel with Counter, Mouse

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57435 Activity Wheel without Counter, Rat

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57437 Activity Wheel without Counter, Mouse

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57439 Ugo Basile Interface for Activity Wheels

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60000-IO ANY-maze software, I/O Only

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The Ugo Basile running-wheel is made of stainless steel, provided with low friction Teflon bushing, for smooth action.  The wheel is housed in a clear polycarbonate cage and a stainless steel wire lid with exclusive lid locks fasten securely to the cage body.

The lid incorporates a 500 ml water bottle and a U-shaped food hopper pellets. A solid stainless steel lid covers the opening at the edge of the activity wheel.
Data can be collected by connecting to a Multifunction Printer (not included), to measure activity across time intervals of adjustable length. Data can be stored into the Multifunction Printer internal memory, sent to the embedded printer, or sent directly to a PC (software included).

Up to 6 wheels can be connected to 1 Multifunction Printer and up to 6 Multifunction Printers can be connected to the same PC.