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Pain analgesia

JVP Domes

The most sensitive method of measuring human tactile spatial resolution

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Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey

Automated Assessment of Threshold to Mechanical Stimuli

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Ugo Basile Thermal Gradient Ring (TGR)

A novel device for the analysis of comprehensive thermal preference phenotyping.

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Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester

The Static Weight Bearing Test evaluates spontaneous joint pain, inflammation & injury.

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Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD)

Automated measurement of hot or cold or mechanical orofacial pain

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Ugo Basile Thermal Plantar

The Plantar Test combines the best features of all other methods of measuring pain sensitivity.

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Ugo Basile Dynamic Plantar

Latency and Force at the time of the paw withdrawal reflex are automatically detected and recorded.

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Ugo Basile Pressure Application Measurement (PAM)

Mechanical stimulation and assessment of joint pain

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Ugo Basile Hot/Cold Plate

Temperature range -5°C to 65°C

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Ugo Basile Tail Flick

Fast, sensitive screening of analgesic effects

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Ugo Basile Paw Pressure

A rapid and sensitive screening of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug

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Ugo Basile Plethysmometer

Measure inflammatory oedema in the rat and mouse paw.

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Touch Test Sensory Probes

Semmes-Weinstein Von Frey Aesthesiometer for touch assessment

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Ugo Basile Grip Strength

Automatically measure grip-strength of fore and hindlimbs in rats and mice

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Hand Dynamometer

Human Grip strength measurement

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