Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester

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ugo basile incapacitance tester

The Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester evaluates spontaneous joint pain in animal models of pain, inflammation and injury. Static weight bearing or incapacitance assays measure the distribution of weight across the hind paws. The animal (rat or mouse) is introduced into an inclined holder which results in placement of the hind paws on two independent pressure sensors. Unequal weight distribution between the two paws is interpreted as a natural adjustment to the degree of nociception experienced. Models include monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced osteoarthritis, bone cancer-induced pain, carrageenan-induced inflammation and sciatic nerve injury

54785 Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester, Rat and Mouse

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54783 Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester, Mouse

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54782 Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester, Rat

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54780M Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester Mouse Restrainer-40mm width

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54780R Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester Rat Restrainer (64mm width)

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Unique Features Include

Fully automatic, hands-free test processing.

● Appropriate for Mice and Rats. 

● Self-calibration and Auto Start modes. 

Bright touch screen, USB data storage and direct Excel export

Magnetic pads for easy and quick cleaning

● Restrainer, Pedal Switch & Calibration Wt. included