Gavage Needles

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gavage needles

Straight and curved stainless steel needles for feeding and dosing applications.

57903 Needle, Curved, 18 ga, 3in/Pkg of 4 *

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57905 Needle-Straight, 13 ga, 3in/ Pkg of 4 *

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57901 Needle, Straight, 22 ga, 1-1/2in/Pkg 4 *

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57902 Needle, Straight, 18 ga, 3in/Pkg of 4 *

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Non-Flexible Stainless Steel Gavage Needles (Reusable)

Straight and curved stainless steel needles for oral gavage dosing or feeding.


  • Fixed shape from stainless steel tubing
  • Stainless steel ball tip
  • Easily cleaned and re-use as needed

57901       Use for Mice 15-20g

57902       Use for Mice 30-35g

57903       Use for Rats 100-200g

57904       Use for Rats 200-350g

57905       Use for Rats 200-350g