NanoTag Activity Measuring Device

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nanotag activity measuring device

Continuous monitoring of activity and temperature up to 60 days!

56746 NanoTag for Mice and Rats (10/pk) - requires Viewer software

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56747 NanoTag for Mice and Rats (20/pk) - requires Viewer software

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56745 NanoTag for Mice and Rats (5/pk) - requires Viewer software

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56748 Contactless RFID card reader/writer "PaSoRi" (cable)

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56745S NanoTag Viewer Software

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56749 Contactless RFID card reader/writer "PaSoRi" (stick)

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Record from multiple animals simultaneously

Animals can be implanted with a nano tag® device and activity and temperature data can be collected from all of them at the same time.

Continuously record for up to 60 days*

The nano tag® internal battery will last for up to 2 months. Data can be recorded not only continuously but also intermittently for 60 days by turning on/off the power externally. Additionally, “timer stop mode” enables you to set up the device so that it will start/stop recording automatically at designated times.

* The battery life (60 days) is based on 24-hour measurement with a single 2 min/day communication for retrieval of data. Battery life is dependent on a number of factors pertaining to use.

FeliCa® communication

Recorded data are stored in the nano tag® device. Stored data is retrieved into your PC by FeliCa® communication. A simple, light touch of the RFID card reader/writer(PaSoRi®) on the nano tag®, can be used to start/stop data recording. Recorded data is retrieved while the nano tag® is implanted in animal body*.

Antenna surface

Antenna surface


Battery surface

Battery surface

Small and Lightweight

The nano tag® is smaller than a dime (17.9mm dia.) and weights only 2g (including the battery). To make it lightweight and waterproof, nano tag® is a single-use device or disposable. The battery is unreplaceable.

Activity measuring method

Activity is defined as Cross Count Data.

[ Cross Count ]
Counts the number of times XYZ acceleration vector synthesized waveform crosses the threshold levels from bottom to top per Recording Interval(Cross Count).


Recording Modes

The following 3 modes are available.

  • “Loop mode” – Overwrite existing data from the beginning when the memory becomes full
  • “Memory – full stop mode” – Data is stored sequentially until the memory becomes full
  • “Timer start/stop mode” – Start/stop at designated times

 nano tag® Viewer Software “nanotag/Viewer”

The nanotag/Viewer enables you to change the setting, retrieve data, make a graph, and output to a CSV data file.

  • Change settings of nano tag®
  • Control start/stop of data acquisition
  • Retrieve data, Reset
  • Make graphs
  • Output to CSV data files

nano tag® viewer software
This software is necessary to use nano tag®


Detection method Three-axis accelerometer, Temperature sensor
Communication system Near Field Communication (FeliCa® system)
Communication distance Approximately 10mm
Time accuracy ±60 seconds / month
Internal battery CR1220 (unreplaceable)
Battery life Approximately 2 months (under 24-hour measurement with a single 2 min/day communication for retrieval of data using FeliCa®)
Recording mode 1. Loop mode
2. Memory - full stop mode
3. Timer start/stop mode
Activity data Cross Count
Temperature 10 - 45.875℃
Measurable temperature range : 15.875℃
(Resolution : 0.0625℃ Accuracy : ±0.5℃)
Waterproof Equivalent to IPX7 ( IEC529)
Material ABS, Epoxy
Size 15 X 14.2 X 7.1 mm
Weight Approximately 2.5g