Rodent Warmer X1

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rodent warmer x1

Use Stoelting's Rodent Warmer before, during and after surgical procedures to improve surgical outcome and overall longevity.  Monitor and maintain animal temperature with three programmable settings:  animal specific, timer or use with thermal probe.  Available with mouse, rat or home-cage heating pad.  Rectal Thermal probe sold separately.

to control 2 pads simultaneously see Warmer X2

53800 Stoelting Rodent Warmer Control Box X1 w/cable

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53800M Stoelting Rodent Warmer X1 with Mouse Heating Pad

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53800R Stoelting Rodent Warmer X1 with Rat Heating Pad

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53800C Stoelting Rodent Warmer X1 with Cage Heating Pad

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53810 Mouse Heating Pad, 7x7cm for 53801/53851 w/cable

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53812 Rat Heating Pad, 15.25x15.25cm for 53801/53851 w/cable

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53814 Cage Heating Pad, 16x38cm for 53801/53851 w/cable

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50304 Rectal Thermal Probe

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Minimize heat loss and improve surgical outcomes with Stoelting's Rodent Warmer.


  • Easy to use dial control 
  • Preprogrammed animal temperatures
  • Use with or without rectal probe (rectal probe sold seperately)
  • Lightweight, small footprint
  • Heating pad included (mouse, rat or home cage)
Heating Pads
Stoelting's Rodent Warmer can be used as a general warming system or with a rectal probe (sold separately) for more accurate, core temperature monitoring during pre- and post-op surgical procedures.

Pre-OpHeating pad can be placed underneath an induction chamber to reduce heat loss during anesthetic administration.  
During:  Place heating pad on a rodent surgery table or stereotaxic instrument to maintain and monitor temperature during surgical procedures.  Mouse heating pad designed for use with Stoelting's Just for Mouse (51730) and Just for Mice (51725) Stereotaxic Instrument or Mouse and Neonatal Rat Adaptor (51625).  Rat heating pad designed for use with Stoelting's Lab Standard (51600) or New Lab Standard (51500) Stereotaxic Instrument.
Post-Op: Cage heating pads can be placed in the animal's home cage for faster recovery following surgical procedures.

Three Operating Settings
1.  Select from pre-programmed animal temperatures
2.  Countdown Timer
3.  Use with Thermal Rectal Probe

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