Stoelting Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI™)

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stoelting quintessential stereotaxic injector (qsi™)

The classic Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI™) sets the standard for automated injection providing versatility and control.


53311 Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI)

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53312 Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector (QSI), Dual

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53316 Injector Head Only

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A New Standard of Versatility and Control

Control one or two independent injections with Stoelting’s latest QSI™ Stereotaxic Injector. Automatic infusion or withdrawal of nL-µL volumes. Program injection parameters (volume, rate and syringe specifications) using the easy-to-use touch screen control box. Accommodates Hamilton syringes sized 0.5uL-250uL. Available as a single or dual injector. If purchased as a single injector, add a second injector at any time.

QSI™ Features

  • Easy-to-use Touch Screen Control Box
  • Control Single or Dual Injections
  • Preprogrammed Syringe Specifications
  • Out-of-range Warnings