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Mouse stereotaxics

Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

The Compact and Cost-effective Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument

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Digital Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

A Digital version of our popular Mouse specific Stereotaxic Instrument.

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Ultra-Precise Digital Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Ultra-Precise Manipulators provide high-accuracy positioning and the digital display increases repeatability.

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Stoelting Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument

Stoelting's Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument for Rat

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Stoelting’s Stereotaxic Instrument Kit

Stoelting’s Stereotaxic Surgical Instrument kit contains all the necessary tools for mouse or rat stereotaxic surgeries.

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Stoelting Motorized Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument

The Compact and Cost-effective Just for Mouse™ Stereotaxic Instrument with Motorized Manipulator Arms

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Lab Standard with Mouse Adaptors

The Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument Adapted for use with Mice

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Ultra Precise Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

Ideal for high-accuracy positioning

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Robot Stereotaxic Instruments for Mouse

Motorized versions of our ever popular Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments

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Lab Standard with Mouse & Neonatal Rat Adaptor

Use the Classic Lab Standard Stereotaxic with Mice

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Dual Just for Mouse Stereotaxic Instrument

Decrease surgery times and reduce time consuming errors

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Mouse Stereotaxic Bases

Hold the mouse securely with just the base and vertical posts of our popular Mouse Stereotaxic Instruments (includes tooth and ear bars)

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