Fiber Optics and Accessories

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fiber optics and accessories

A variety of accessories for your illuminator

59262 Fiber Optic for 59260/59252, Dual 23 inches

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59272 Fiber Optic for 59280, Dual, 23 inches

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59208 Polarizing Lens attachment***DISCONTINUED

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59209 Lens, Focus

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59265 Light Probe Kit, 6 Probes, Autoclaveable

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59270 Single Gooseneck Fiber Optic, 20 inches, Fiber Dia. .250in

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Dual fiber optic bundle is sheathed in stainless steel monocoil pipes to be entirely self supporting, while allowing flexible positioning. Locks solidly onto either the 59260 or 59280 illuminators.

Dual pipes allow the operator to supply light from both sides, to eliminate shadows, or both outlets may be positioned on the same side, for greater intensity. Each pipe is 23” long.

The Dual-Pipe Fiber optic comes complete with two focusing lenses that fit on the end of each pipe, and may be moved forward or away to provide sharply focused or diffuse light.


Lite pipets conduct light into body cavities, sterile fields, or electrically shielded areas. The kit contains 6 probes: one 90°, one 45°, with 2.77 mm diameter and four diameters (1.08, 1.78, 2.77, & 3.76 mm) of straight probes. The fiber optic light guide contains no metal and is 68” long.

Autoclavable. Immersible. O.D. 1.08-3.76 mm.