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When Chicago Laboratory Supply and Scale Company was founded in 1886, few could have predicted that over 125 years and one name change later, it would still be supplying the world's scientists and clinicians with the highest-quality instruments available.

But that is exactly the case.

Today, Stoelting Co. is comprised of four separate Divisions. Although Stoelting is a diversified company, the major product lines are all related to physiological, psychological, and psychophysiological measurement.

This inter-relationship results in exceptional synergism and cross-fertilization of ideas. Breakthroughs in one of our Divisions routinely find application in another Division.

This kind of dynamic environment has been present at Stoelting from the beginning.

As a pioneer in the Physiological and Psychological apparatus fields, Christian Hans Stoelting built his company into one of the most successful and revered companies in the fledgling scientific world.


Stoelting's Gold Medal for Psychometric Apparatus from the 1904 St. Louis Exposition.

Silver Medal for Anthropometric Apparatus  (St. Louis, 1904).

In fact, from 1903 to 1943, Stoelting was nearly unchallenged as the principal provider of the material culture of American psychology. And at the St. Louis Universal Exposition of 1904, C.H. Stoelting Co. was awarded Medals for Anthropometric Apparatus and Psychometric Apparatus, awards that hang on our walls to this day.

From those humble beginnings on Chicago's west side, to our present-day headquarters in Wood Dale, Illinois, Stoelting has maintained a tradition of manufacturing and supplying superior products in worldwide service to psychology.

The Psychological Tests Division is currently researching and authoring innovative new testing materials, and our Leiter-R nonverbal Intelligence Test, Merrill-Palmer-Revised Scales of Development and Stroop Color and Word Test are three of the most recognized tests in the world.

At Stoelting, we are proud of our Tradition of Innovation, and we shall always have a strong commitment to support scientific research. We seek to offer only high quality, reliable instruments, and support them with prompt, educated customer service from our staff of science professionals.

We thank you for your interest in Stoelting, and look forward to serving you today, and in the years to come.