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phonics based reading test (prt)

Phonics Based Reading Test (PRT) provides a quick evaluation of phonetic decoding, fluency, and comprehension, which yields nrom- and criterion-referenced scores to allow targeted intervention in specific areas of reading.

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A quick, reliable evaluation of decoding, fluency and comprehension. Provides both norm- and criterion-referenced results.
Rick Brownell

  • Age Range: Grades 1-6 
  • Time: 15-20 minutes, individual administration

The Phonics-Based Reading Test (PRT) provides a quick, meaningful evaluation of the following reading skills:

  • Phonics — reading of phonetically-regular nonsense words
  • Fluency — rate and accuracy when reading short passages aloud, which identify specific phonics concepts
  • Comprehension — questions about previously-read passages

Students first read a segment of a 70-item list of letters and "nonsense" words, requiring the use of phonics generalizations for correct decoding. Then, the student reads progressively more difficult short passages, each of about 50 words in length, which are followed by five comprehension questions. Raw scores can be converted to standard scores, percentile ranks and age/grade equivalents. Performance is plotted to provide criterion-referenced results showing levels of mastery for various phonics concepts.

The complete PRT Kit includes a Manual, Stimulus Book and 25 Student Test Booklets, in a portfolio.