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CPSpro Sensors

Sensor Pack

Replacement Senors CPSpro 5 channel Mechanical/Electonic & 8 Channel Mechanical/Electronic

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Feet and Arm Activity Sensors

Feet and Arm activity/motion sensors

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Rectangular Repositionable Solid Gel Electrodes, Pk/60

Pre-Gelled repositionable disposable electrodes.for EDA

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Classical style mechanical Pneumos

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A sturdy piezo-electric respiration transducer.

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CPSpro EDA Finger Plates

Classic style EDA plates. Gold plated for better conductance recording.

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Skin Conductance Snap Lead

EDA snap leads for Pre-gelled adhesive electrodes.

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Skin Conductance Velcro Cups

Laboratory-style finger contoured Ag-AgCl Electrodes.

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Arm Cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs for arm and forearm.

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Infrared LED and photosensor plethysmograph

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Seat activity sensor

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Lapel-style microphones for voice events

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