Academy of Polygraph Science 5-day PSCOT Training

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academy of polygraph science 5-day pscot training

During this course, the student will receive instruction necessary to conduct Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing. Students will also be familiarized with the Supervision Model as it relates to Probation Officers and Treatment Providers. Upon completion of this 40-hour course, the student should possess the knowledge to successfully complete a written examination to demonstrate proficiency in the requirements set forth in the standards of practice, approved by the American Polygraph Association. Upon successful completion of the examination, the student will possess the requisite knowledge to conduct PCSOT polygraph examinations. This 40 hour will also assist those who are already certified PCSOT examiners in becoming familiar with the new standards and practices now in place.

10200 Academy of Polygraph Science 5-day PCSOT Training

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