Problem Behavior Inventory Adult Symptom Screening Form

problem behavior inventory adult symptom screening form

Problem Behavior Inventory, Adolescent Symptom Screening Form

31307 Problem Behavior Inventory, Adult, Pk/25


This convenient checklist helps clinicians structure and focus the diagnostic interview. Requiring just 10 to 15 minutes to complete, it lists more than 100 DSM-IV-related symptoms in clear, easy-to-understand language. The adolescent simply checks those symptoms that he or she has experienced. The symptoms listed relate to the following areas: cognitive disorders, substance abuse, psychosis, mood and anxiety disorders, cluster A personality disorders, oppositional behavior, attention-deficit hyperactivity, conduct problems, eating disturbance, sexual deviance, somatoform and dissociative disturbances, sleep difficulties, communication disorders, and V-code problems such as bereavement, academic troubles, parent-child conflict, phase-of-life issues, and identity problems.

Using the AutoScore Form, the adolescent checks problems on the top sheet, and these marks are automatically transferred to a bottom sheet, where they are aligned with corresponding clinical symptoms and associated diagnoses. When the form is separated, this bottom sheet serves as the clinician's worksheet. It guides the initial interview, provides material for the intake report, and identifies areas where personality testing might be helpful--saving the clinician considerable time.