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kindergarten readiness test-second edition krt-2

For professionals and parents to answer the question, “Is this child ready to begin school?”, the KRT-2 measures child performance on various developmental tasks and provides a summary of critical areas of developmental into one single form

32420L KRT-2 Letter to Parent, Pk/25
32420M KRT-2 Manual
32420S KRT-2 Scoring Interpretation, Pk/25
32420T KRT-2 Test Booklets, Pk/25
32420I KRT-2 Stimulus Items
32420G KRT-2 Performance Grid Sheets, Pk/25


Deciding whether a child should begin school is an important early decision that has lasting effects

Sue L. Larson, PhD

Ages: 4- 6 years
Testing Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Administration: Individual

Designed for professionals and parents concerned with the question, “Is this child ready to begin school?”, the Kindergarten Readiness Test-2 (KRT-2) is an assessment tool developed to measure a child’s performance on various developmental tasks. The KRT-2 provides a summary of critical areas of developmental tests into one single form, making identification of school readiness more efficient and valid.

 Using modern child development theories and test design, the KRT-2 is sensitive to current state and federal laws regulating school readiness. Each Test Booklet has additional forms to help enhance parent conferences, graphically depict a child’s strength and weaknesses, and identify possible disbility conditions at an early age. Along with these capabilities, the KRT-2 also facilitates developmental writing objective programs for teachers or parents. Within the Test Booklet, tasks are presented in a sequential developmental-maturational format.

The KRT-2 is intended to be used by early education teachers and other professionals who work with children, to assess levels of maturity and development of typical later-four, five, and six year old children who are entering kindergarten classes. Its primary purpose is to provide additional information to help parents, teachers, and educational specialists to determine if a child is developmentally or maturationally ready to begin kindergarten in any given school year.

Five General Assessed Skills:

  • Understanding, Awareness, and Interactions with one’s environment.
  • Judgement and Reasoning in Problem Solving
  • Numerical Awareness
  • Visual and Fine-Motor Coordination
  • Auditory Attention Span and Concentration

Kindergarten Readiness Test- Second Edition (KRT-2: 32420) Complete Kit Includes: Manual; Performance Grid Sheets (25); Scoring Interpretation (25); Test Booklets (Set of 25); Letters to Parent (25); Stimulus Items.