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slosson oral reading test- revised (sort-r)

Slosson Oral Reading Test- Revised (SORT-R) is an efficient assessment of sight word recognition, an important component of reading proficiency, deficits in which suggest interventions to build vocabulary. Words sorted by grade level.

33951 Slosson Oral Reading Test-Revised, Complete Kit (SORT-R3)
33951L SORT-R3 Word List, Large Print
33951R SORT-R3 Score Sheets, Pk/50


A brief measure of reading ability.
Richard L. Slosson, Revised by Charles L. Nicholson.
Supplementary manual by Sue Larson

  • Age Range: Preschool-Adult
  • Time: 3-5 minutes, individual administration

The SORT-R3 remains a quick estimate of target word recognition. This reliable screening test is most useful in identifying individuals with reading handicaps.

The Word List Flipcard Booklet (now available, separately, in large print) presents word lists individually, so students cannot preview word lists which are above their word-calling level. The Manual now includes guidelines for administration to individuals with speaking impediments, as well.

The SORT-R3 contains 200 words, arranged in ascending order of difficulty, in groups of 20 words. Reading word lists have been developed from several sources, such as Dolch, reading tests and reading textbooks. Target words have been carefully selected to represent a steady progression of difficulty from pre-primer through the high school level. SORT-R3 provides grade and age equivalents and national percentiles.

The complete SORT-R3 includes a Manual, 50 Scannable Electronic Score Sheets and the spiral-bound Word List (regular print).