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test of expressive language (texl)

Measures a child’s expressive, spoken language ability and ability to produce vocabulary, grammatical morphemes, and elaborated phrases. To assess learning disabilities, adhd, autism, and spoken language disorder.

31487 Test of Expressive Language (TEXL) Complete Kit
31487M TEXL Examiner's Manual
31487P TEXL Picture Book
31487R TEXL Exmainer Record Booklets, Pk/25


Measures a child’s expressive, spoken language ability.

Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk and Elizabeth A. Allen

  • Age Range: 3.0 through 12.11 years
  • Time: 20-30 minutes

Three TEXL subtests measure a child’s ability to produce:

  • Vocabulary–word classes such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, and words that represent basic percepts and concepts
  • Grammatical Morphemes–function words (prepositions, pronouns, determiners) and inflections (bound morphemes such as noun number and case; verb number and tense; noun/verb agreement, and derivational suffixes)
  • Elaborated Phrases and Sentences–syntactically-based word relations, and elaborated phrase and sentence constructions (interrogative sentences; negative sentences; active and passive voice, direct and indirect object), embedded sentences, and partially (and completely) conjoined sentences

Each item is composed of a word, or sentence, and a corresponding picture plate. The examiner reads the stimulus, aloud, and the subject is asked to answer a question, finish a sentence, or combine sentences, based on the stimulus. Items are in order of difficulty, within each of the three subtests. Age-related entry points, basals and ceilings ensure that testing time is kept to a minimum, and children are only tested on items optimal for their ability level.

Reliability and validity studies conducted on:

  • Learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing
  • Articulation disorder
  • Language impairment
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Intellectual disorder
  • Gifted and talented

The TEXL Kit includes a Picture Book, 25 Examiner Record Booklets and an Examiner’s Manual, in a storage box.