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assessment intervention matrix (aim) developmental disability treatment program

Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) bridges the gap between assessment and intervention, providing an assessment within major life-skill areas targeted to help foster independence of individuals with significant delays.

37031 Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) Digital Format (CD)
37031M Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) Printed Format


Complete Program for Assessing Those with Developmental Disabilities, Developing a Treatment Plan, and Monitoring Progress

Enid Wolf-Schein, Ed.D. & Jerome D. Schein, Ph.D.

Ages: All ages

Pages: 286 between two manuals

Too many times, interventions for low-functioning individuals are not data-driven based on individual needs, or assessments do not provide specific recommendations.  Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) is a curriculum which bridges the gap between assessment and intervention. AIM walks clinicians through providing an assessment within major life-skill areas.  These areas are targeted to help foster independence of individuals with significant Developmental Delays, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, or other severe impairments, to help them be able to gain self-sufficiency. 

 Upon completion of the assessment, AIM helps clinicians set up treatment plans based on clients' current level of functioning.  There is no ambiguity about what to target in the treatment plan as AIM provides a stepped sequence of skills that shapes behavior to self-sufficiency within each domain.  This means that clinicians, clients, and the treatment team know the next step that clients will be working on to help everyone understand the progressions in the treatment plan.  Finally, AIM helps by providing a chart format for tracking the treatment plan, which can be used within existing behavioral incentive programs at treatment centers.

AIM focuses on teaching daily-living skills and relevant vocabulary in meaningful contexts. Basic skills include: Drinking & Pouring, Eating, Dressing and Toileting. More complex skills include: Personal Care, Food Preparation and Housekeeping.  All forms included in AIM are reproducible.

Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM) Electronic Format, CD provides the entire curriculum on CD.

Assessment Intervention Matrix (AIM), Paper Format provides the entire curriculum in two manuals.