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developmental appropriate treatment for autism (data) model for teaching preschoolers with autism checklist

Developmental Appropriate Treatment for Autism (DATA) Model is a comprehensive, school-based program, to help preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder thrive in an inclusive classroom, with clear, step-by-step programs and lesson plans.

31713 DATA (Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Autism) Mode
31713C DATA Model Skills Checklist, Pk/5


Blends approaches to meet individual needs

Ilene Schwartz PhD BCBA-D, Julie Ashmun MEd BCBA, Bonnie McBride PhD BCBA-D, Crista Scott MEd BCBA, Susan Sandall PhD

This comprehensive, school-based program, helps children ages 3-5 years with Autism Spectrum Disorder, thrive in an inclusive classroom. The DATA Model is the all-in-one program to prepare these young children for long-term success at school, and in their community.  It is valuable for Autism and behavior specialists, SLPs, program directors, and early childhood educators.

The DATA Model creates a developmentally-appropriate learning environment with clear, step-by-step instructional programs, and lesson plans for every goal.  It provides instructional strategies for the unique needs of each child, and offers effective instructional tools such as discrete trials, naturalistic instruction, shaping and chaining,   Challenging behaviors are addressed, while increasing children’s ability to communicate their needs. 

Assessments, programs, and other information is expertly organized for easy, access, allowing effective collaboration with families, and the community.

Blending best practices from applied behavior analysis and early childhood special education, the DATA Model is a proven program, rooted in evidence-based practice, based on 20 years of testing and refinement.

DATA Models Skills Checklist

This first step in assessing functional needs, is the starting point for DATA Model teaching.   The 20-page Checklist cover 6 key domains:

*Adaptive                        *Executive Functioning                  *Cognitive

*Communication             *Social                                            *Play

The Checklist also monitors progress, to see in interventions are working effectively.

The DATA Model for Teaching Preschoolers with Autism Kit includes five Skills Checklists; more than 140 Instructional Programming and Lesson Plans; Sample Schedules; Daily Data Collection Sheets; a Family Interview Survey ,and a Manual.