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Useful for diagnosing Autism, planning treatment, and differential diagnosis.

32895 Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised, Complete Kit -ADI-R Kit
32895M ADI-R Manual
32895R ADI-R Interview Booklet, 85 pages, Pk/5
32895A ADI-R Comprehensive Algorithm Forms, Pk/10
32895C ADI-R Unlimited Use Scoring CD


Useful for diagnosing Autism, planning treatment, and differential diagnosis.
Michael Rutter, M.D., FRS, Ann LeCouteur, M.B.B.S., and Catherine Lord, Ph.D.

  • Age Range: Children and Adults with a mental age above 2.0
  • Time: 1-2 hours, including scoring

The ADI-R provides a thorough assessment of individuals suspected of having Autism or other Autism Spectrum Disorders. The ADI-R is highly useful for formal diagnosis as well as treatment and educational planning.

Composed of 93 items, the ADI-R focuses on three functional domains:

  1. Language/Communication
  2. Reciprocal Social Interactions
  3. Restricted, Repetitive and Stereotyped Behaviors and Interests

Interview questions cover eight content areas:

  1. The individual’s background, including family, education, previous diagnoses, and medications
  2. Overview of the individual’s behavior
  3. Early development and developmental milestones
  4. Language acquisition and loss of language or other skills
  5. Current functioning in regard to language and communication
  6. Social development and play
  7. Interests and behaviors
  8. Clinically relevant behaviors, such as aggression, self-injury, and possible epileptic features

Due to the interview format, the ADI-R provides categorical, rather than scales or norms. Results can not be scored and interpreted using a single convenient form, rather than the five forms previously required. The NEW Comprehensive Algorithm Form allows you to calculate and interpret any one of five, age-specific ADI-R algorithms (two Diagnostic Algorithms based on developmental history and used for formal diagnosis, and three Current Behavior Algorithms focusing on present functioning and used for treatment and educational planning. The algorithms have not themselves changed; the new comprehensive form simply replaces the five forms previously needed. The NEW ADOS/ADI-R/SCQ unlimited-use scoring CD allows you to score all of the algorithm scoring functions of the ADI-R.

The ADI-R Complete Kit includes a Manual, 10 Interview Booklets and 10 Comprehensive Algorithm Forms.