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Helps diagnose Asperger Syndrome

32308 Aperger's Syndrome Diagnostic Scale, Kit (ASDS Kit)
32308R ASDS Summary/Response Forms, Pk/50
32663W How to Write and Implement Social Scripts


Helps diagnose Asperger Syndrome.
Brenda Myles, Stacy Jones-Bock and Richard Simpson

  • Age Range: 5-18 years
  • Time: 10-15 minutes

Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome is difficult because it often resembles autism, behavior disorders, ADHD and learning disabilities The ASDS is a quick, easy-to-use rating scale. Its 50 yes/no items can be completed by parents, teachers, siblings, para-educators, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists or others who have had regular contact with the child for at least two weeks.

The 50 ASDS items provide an Asperger Syndrome Quotient, drawn from five specific behavior areas: Cognitive, Maladaptive, Language, Social and Sensorimotor. All items represent behaviors symptomatic to Asperger, and are summed to produce the total score, which is then compared to the normative sample of others with Asperger's.

The ASDS can be used with confidence to:

  • Identify persons who have Asperger Syndrome
  • Document behavioral progress due to intervention
  • Target goals for change and intervention on the IEP
  • Measure Asperger Syndrome for research

    The complete ASDS Kit includes a Manual and 50 Summary/Response Forms, in a sturdy storage box.