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Measures spoken language of children with Autism

32873 Evaluating Acquired Skills in Communication-3, Complete Kit
32873P EASIC-3 Pre-Language Test Booklet & Skills Profile,Pk/10 ea
32873-RA EASIC-3 Receptive I Test Booklet & Skills Profile,Pk/10 ea
32873-RB EASIC-3 Receptive II Test Booklet & Skills Profile,Pk/10 ea
32873-EA EASIC-3 Expressive I Test Booklet & Skills Profile,Pk/10 ea
32873-EB EASIC-3 Expressive II Test Booklet & Skills Profile,Pk/10 ea


Measures spoken language of children with Autism.
Anita Marcott

  • Age Range: 3 months through 6 years
  • Time: 15-30 minutes

The EASIC-3 measures receptive and expressive language skills of children with autism and other developmental language delays.


It assesses prelinguistic skills, semantics, syntax, morphology, and pragmatics at five levels:

  1. Pre-Language- before meaningful speech
  2. Receptive I-  understanding simple noun labels, action verbs, and basic concepts
  3. Expressive I-  emerging modes of communication
  4. Receptive II-  understanding more complex language functions
  5. Expressive II-  using a more complex level of communication

Once the assessment is completed, results can be displayed on the Skills profile, which provides space for up to five assessments, taken over time.  Results can also be portrayed on the Developmental Age Chart, where communication skills are arranged in easy-to-difficult order, along with normal age ranges for each acquired skill.


Features of the NEW EASIC-3:

  • New assessment items are included
  • Developmental age ranges have been updated
  • Profiles have been reconstructed to correspond to revised Inventory items
  • Developmental Age Charts (Appendix A) correspond to the revised developmental data
  • Goals and Objectives List (Appendix B) correspond to the new item hierarchy on the Inventories and Profiles

The EASIC-3 Kit includes a Manual, Picture Book, a set of Picture Cards, and 10 each of all Test Booklets and Skill Profiles.  Forms sold separately are in packs of 10.