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social emotional skills training: fast friendship group manual

From leading authorities, Social and Emotional Skills Training for Children presents unique, evidence-based group intervention for children challenged by peer difficulties in elementary school, using engaging full-color reproducible worksheets to teach social skills and empathy.

32214 Social Emotional Skills Training: Fast Friendship Group Manu


A well designed, high-quality program for systematically promoting social and emotional competence, and improving behavior, in children Grades K-5.

Karen L. Bierman, Mark T. Greenberg, John D. Coie, Kenneth A. Dodge, John E. Lochman, & Robert J. McMahon


From leading authorities, this book presents unique, evidence-based group intervention for children challenged by peer difficulties in elementary school.  It features 107 engaging, full-color reproducible handouts, posters, and other tools. In addition to teaching core social skills (participation, communication, cooperation, good sportsmanship, conflict resolution) Friendship Group promotes emotional understanding and empathy, self-control, and effective coping with social stressors. 

Two complete sets of sessions are provided for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5, which include step-by-step implementation guidelines.  The large-size format facilitates photocopying.  Access to a Web page, to download and print the reproducible materials is also included.


Introduction to the Friendship Group Manual

  1.  Overview
  2. Program Administration
  3. Therapeutic Processes
  4. Behavior Management
  5. Synchronized Home-School Intervention:  The Fast Track Project Model

Friendship Group Manual:  Early Elementary Sessions

                Unit I.  Establishing Common Ground

                Unit II.  Caring and Controlled Behavior

                Unit III.  Negotiating with Friends

                Unit IV.  Handling Competitive Play

                Unit V.  Communicating Effectively

                Unit VI.  Coping with Tough Stuff

Friendship Group Manual:  Advanced Elementary Sessions

                Unit I.  Cooperation and Conversation Skills

                Unit II.  Understanding and Respecting Others

                Unit III.  Coping with Social Stress

                Unit IV.  Responsible Decision Making

 Paperback; 446 pages.