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Evaluates executive function strengths and weaknesses across nine scales.

31312 CEFI Scoring Software Kit
31313 Comprehensive Executive Functioning Inventory (CEFI) Kit
31312S CEFI Software Self-Report Forms, Pk/25
31312P CEFI Software Parent Forms, Pk/25
31312T CEFI Software Teacher Forms, Pk/25
31313S CEFI QuikScore Self-Report Forms, Pk/25
31313P CEFI Parent QuikScore Forms, Pk/25
31313T CEFI Teacher QuikScore Forms, Pk/25
31312M CEFI Manual
31312U CEFI Software Scoring USB Key


Available in English and Spanish!
Evaluates executive function strengths and weaknesses across nine scales.
Jack A. Naglieri, Ph. D. And Sam Goldstein, Ph. D.

  • Age Range: 5-18 years-Parent and Teacher Forms
                     12-18 years-Self-Report Form
  • Time: 15 minutes

The CEFI is a 100-item rating scale, completed by parent, teacher or the individual himself, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of executive function. Combined with other information, results of the CEFI guide diagnostic decisions, treatment planning, and ongoing monitoring of treatment planning. 

Written at a 3.7 grade level, the CEFI has Parent and Teacher Forms, and a Self-Report Form. All three forms have 100 items, and include a Full Scale, as well as nine CEFI Scales:

  • Attention   
  • Emotion Regulation   
  • Flexibility
  • Inhibitory Control   
  • Initiation    
  • Organization
  • Planning   
  • Self-Monitoring   
  • Working Memory

In addition, a Consistency Index, and Negative Impression and Positive Impression Scales are provided.

Scoring Software Available
The CEFI can be hand- or computer-scored. The CEFI Scoring Software provides three report types:

1.  Interpretive- information about a single administration
2.  Progress Monitoring and Treatment Effectiveness- combines result of up to four ratings 
     (from one rater), to examine behavior changes over time
3.  Comparative- multi-rater perspective from up to five different raters

The CEFI Scoring Software Kit includes 25 each of the CEFI Self-Report, Parent and Teacher Response Forms, Scoring Software (USB Key), and a Manual. The Paper CEFI Kit includes 25 each of the Self-Report, Parent and Teacher QuikScore Forms and a Manual. Spanish Kits include the same materials as the English Kits, but Report Forms are in Spanish.