Anger Control Game

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anger control game

Teaches children, ages 8 and up, the skills needed for effective anger control.

32124G Anger Control Game
32124W Anger Control Workbook
32124D Anger Control Skits DVD**DISCONTINUED
32124P Anger Control Puppet DVD*
32124C Anger Control StoryCards


Teaches children, ages 8 and up, the skills needed for effective anger control.
Berthold Berg, Ph. D.

Based on cognitive-behavioral principles, The Anger Control Game focuses on six skills related
to anger control:

  • Empathizing with the victims
  • Distinguishing between aggressive and non-aggressive acts
  • Using self-control statements to diffuse anger
  • Generating and evaluating alternatives to aggression
  • Identifying feelings underlying anger
  • Evaluating the opinions of others

An included Anger Control Inventory determines which skills a child needs to develop. The game is usually played by the therapist and one or more children. It can also be played in a classroom.

Anger Control Workbook
Sold separately, this popular Workbook teaches children how to control anger and deal with interpersonal conflict. It includes activities and exercises that reinforce the six skills addressed in the Board Game.

Anger Control StoryCards
Perfect for therapists who want to add structure to a client-centered approach, this is a superb tool for both assessment of, and intervention in, anger control problems. Detailed instructions guide therapeutic storytelling techniques. Beautiful illustrations and engaging story prompts keep children involved.

Individual components of Berg’s Anger Control program are sold separately.