Respecting Boundaries Counseling Ball

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Counseling Balls help students learn about Empathy and Respecting Boundaries.

31511 Respecting Boundaries Counseling Ball
31513 Building Empathy Counseling Ball


Building Empathy Ball

Elementary, Middle, and High School. Teach students about empathy with statements such as, "What would you say to show empathy to a new kid at school?" and "What does empathy mean?" Inflation size approximately 8 inches. Ball is latex free. Ball arrives deflated, pump required.


Respecting Boundaries Ball

Elementary School and Middle School. Teach students about respecting boundaries with statements such as, "How do you feel if someone stands too close to you?" and "Tell about a time you ignored a boundary and then regretted it." Inflation size approximately 8 inches. Ball is latex free. Ball arrives deflated, pump required.