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emotes rescue quest therapeutic board game of emotional expression

Emotes Rescue Quest Therapeutic Board Game helps children, who may struggle with emotions, develop emotional awareness; they answer fun questions, act out silly situations, and draw fun sketches, all related to emotions.

31720 Emotes Rescue Quest Board Game
31720B Emotes Rescue Quest Booster Pack


For play in either a clinical or home setting, Emotes Rescue Quest provides creative, and imaginative, challenges to help children become more comfortable with their emotion, and with emotional expression. It is an engaging activity for children to play with mental health professionals, parents or peers.

Matt Casper, LMFT and Ted Dorsey

By answering fun questions, acting out silly situations, and drawing fun sketches—all related to emotions—children move their Emotes heroes around the colorful game board. They collect Power Chips to save the Emotes from the evil Dr. Viro, who wants to steal all of the feelings, from the world!

By engaging children with the Emotes characters, emotions become interesting and “cool”. Often, the characters with whom children choose to play, provide insight into the particular feelings with which a child is currently struggling. The children realize emotions do not need to be hidden, rather they can be explored in a light and playful way. 

Emotes can be useful with children who find identifying emotions difficult or who become overwhelmed with emotions.  The first step in managing emotions is to get comfortable them.  Emotes helps those children to do that.

Emotes Rescue Quest includes 150 each of the Action and Talking Cards; 8 Emotes Hero Figures; 1 each of the Hacker and Regular Dice; 4 Emotes Power Collection Cards; 40 Power Chips, a Game Board and the Players’ Rules and Professional Guide.

The optional Emotes: Therapeutic Booster Pack is a set of 50 additional cards, sold separately, and for use only with mental health professionals.