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Emotes model acceptance and tolerance for the different emotions everyone is capable of feeling, and teach empathy and compassion for others. Far too often, children are discouraged from having feelings, such as anger or sadness. By encouraging children to acknowledge all of their emotions, they will develop more positive interpersonal relationships throughout their lives.

31201 Emotes Picture Book Set Sleeve


The Emotes Emotions Display Case allows children to proudly display their feelings. Each durable case comes with 12 vinyl (and PVC-Free) Emotes figures, with each figure representing a wide range of emotions; from Boom (the angry) to Abash (the embarrassed). When an Emotes figure is selected and placed in the center square, children are able to communicate their feelings in a fun and engaging way. This interactive and tactile experience encourages even the shyest child to talk about their feelings. Great for children of all developmental levels, as the display case allows for non-verbal expression of feelings as well.

Written by a licensed psychotherapist as well as an educator, the Emotes Book Series helps children to boost their emotional intelligence by teaching how to identify, express and manage emotions. Each Emotes character represents a different emotion, and therefore becomes a mirror for a child’s own emotions. These 12 Emotes books cover a wide range of topics such as; anger, fear, confusion and happiness, as well as social challenges such as bullying and telling the truth. Told through adventure stories with expressive illustrations, each Emotes book also includes tips and discussion points to help foster dialogue with children about the highlighted emotion. Set contains 12 hardcover books, display case and reading guide.

Plush Emotes Characters (10" tall) are sold individually, by name. Please visit our website www.Stoeltingco.com, or call Stoelting at (800) 860-9775, for details.