KidsWorld Inside and Out Board Game

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kidsworld inside and out board game

KidsWorld Inside and Out Board Game

31460F Therapist's Guide to KidsWorld Inside and Out
31460 KidsWorld Board Game
31460G KidsWorld Therapist's Guide and Board Game Combo
31460B Transforming Troubled Children, Teens and Their Families
31460D KidsWorld Board Game, Therapist's Guide, and Transforming Troubled Children Combo
31460C Board Game,Guide & Transforming Troubled Children Book Combo


KidsWorld: Inside and Out Board Game

Check out Arthur Mones's interview about how his board game and book relate to the new Pixar movie Inside Out!

This is a therapeutic board game for children, ages 5-14.  The game is based on the Internal Family Systems Model, the fastest growing therapy model in the field of mental health today.  This would be the first therapeutic application to work with kids.  

The game guides children to access their own resources for dealing with challenging issues, thoughts and feelings that arise within their family, with friends and at school.  It is ideal for youngsters with anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger issues, oppositonal disorders, physical disabilities, learning issues and behavior problems. Unique among therapeutic techniques, this game is experiential-- teaching calming exercises as well as mindfulness-based strategies that are effective throughout the age range.  It is a game that fosters Acceptance for all Parts of the youngster and views childhood struggles in a nonpathologizing and survival-based manner.

 The model and game build on the the strengths of kids to bring about Self energy for emotional healing while having fun!

This game will be sold individually, or as a packaged deal with the book Transforming Troubled Children, Teens, and Their Families

Dr. Mones is the author of both the book and the game. Using both together can assist the clinician in their work with the child and family.

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Transforming Troubled Children, Teens, and Their Families: An Internal Family Systems Model for Healing

In Transforming Troubled Children, Teens, and Their Families: An Internal Family Systems Model for Healing, Dr. Mones presents the first comprehensive application of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy model for work with youngsters and their families. This model centers diagnosis and treatment around the concept of the Functional Hypothesis, which views symptoms as adaptive and survival­based when viewed in multiple contexts. The book provides a map to help clinicians understand a child’s problems amidst the reactivity of parents and siblings, and to formulate effective treatment strategies that flow directly from this understanding. This is a nonpathologizing systems and contextual approach that brings forward the natural healing capacity within clients. Dr. Mones also shows how a therapist can open the emotional system of a family so that parents can let go of their agendas with their children and interact in a loving, healthy, Self-led way.

This integrative MetaModel combines wisdom from Psychodynamic, Structural, Bowenian, Strategic, Sensorimotor, and Solution-Focused models interwoven with IFS Therapy. A glossary of terms is provided to help readers with concepts unique to IFS. Unique to this approach is the emphasis on shifting back and forth between intrapsychic and relational levels of experience. Therapy vignettes are explored to help therapists address issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, somatization, oppositional and self-destructive behavior in children, along with undercurrents of attachment injury. Two detailed cases are followed over a full course of treatment. A section on Frequently Asked Questions explores work with families of separation and divorce, resistance, the trajectory of treatment, dealing with anger, linking to twelve-step programs, and much more. This is an ideal book for any therapist in quest of understanding the essence of healing and seeking therapeutic strategies applied within a compassionate framework.

Game Alone: 31460

Transforming Troubled Youth Book Alone: 31460B

Therapist's Guide to KidsWorld Inside and Out Psychotherapuetic Board Game Book Alone: 31460F

Game and Transforming Troubled Youth Book and GameCombo: 31460C

KidsWorld Therapist's Guide and Board Game Combo: 31460FGRP



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