The Self-Control Game

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the self-control game

Help for students who are impulsive, inattentive or hyperactive

32126G Self-Control Game
32126W Self-Control Workbook


Help for students who are impulsive, inattentive or hyperactive.
Berthold Berg, Ph. D.

The Self-Control Game is ideal for children, ages 8 and up, who daydream, fidget, or act without thinking. It teaches children how to exercise self-control in academic and social situations, addressing 24 specific traits and behaviors, by applying cognitive-behavioral techniques to impulsive or hyperactive behavior.

As they move around the game board, and respond to questions on game cards, children learn how to change maladaptive behavior. A Children’s Behavior Control Inventory (included) helps in selection of game cards focusing on a given child’s particular needs.

The Self-Control Workbook (sold separately) gives children practice in using positive self-statements and problem-solving techniques to control their behavior.

Exercises teach students how to:

  • Think before they act
  • Prepare themselves for interruptions
  • Credit themselves for success and effort
  • Empathize with peers who find their hyperactive behavior annoying

“Homework” assignments in this Workbook can be used to extend the benefits of therapy.