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dialectical behavior therapy (dbt) skills workbook for bipolar disorder

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Workbook is especially suited to manage the emotional dysregulation and relationship problems characteristic of Bipolar Disorder. Helps guide clients through application of DBT modules to manage Bipolar Disorder.

31738 DBT Skills Workbook for Bipolar Disorder


Helps integrate a client’s coping skills with a new, and effective, DBT plan

Sheri Van Dijk, MSW

This engaging workbook adapts Dialectical Behavior Therapy for individuals living with bipolar disorder.  It provides patients with a clear program, and real-life, day-to-day tools for coping.  DBT is especially effective to manage the emotional dysregulation, characteristic of Bipolar Disorder.

The four DBT Skills in this workbook helps the client manage emotional ups and downs, and minimize the frequency, and intensity, of depressive and manic episodes.

DBT Skills the client will learn:

  1. Learning mindfulness and acceptance skills
  2. Coping with depressive and manic episodes in healthy ways
  3. Managing difficult emotions and impulsive urges
  4. Maintaining relationships with friends and family members

Paperback; 248 pages