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Accurately identifies and evaluates ADHD

32413 Scales for Diagnosing ADHD Kit (SCALES Kit)
32413S SCALES Summary/School Rating Forms, Pk/25
32413H SCALES Home Rating Forms, Pk/25


Accurately identifies and evaluates ADHD

  • Age Range: 5 through 18 years
  • Time: 15-20 minutes

The SCALES breaks new ground in ADHD assessment by providing the flexibility to use either normative benchmarks (includes four separate normative samples) or DSM-IV-TR criteria. It addresses the child's ability to function within both home and school environments.

The SCALES was designed with two separate forms, one for home and one for school. In-depth information is gathered from both teachers and parents, as they are most familiar with the nuances of the student's behavior. A 4-point Likert scale measures the extent to which the child's behavior interferes with functioning in school or at home.

Modeled after the DSM-IV-TR guidelines for ADHD the SCALES maintains the internal coherency of those criteria by evaluating the child's behavior using three subtests to measure inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Standardized on more than 3,000 children, the SCALES was designed with two sets of norms: one for those diagnosed with ADHD and one for those without ADHD. Reliability and validity for the SCALES are strong. Average internal consistency coefficients across all ages, range from .88 to .96. Exploratory factor analysis confirms that the items on the rating sclaes accurately measure inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity.

The complete SCALES Kit includes the Manual and 25 each of the Summary/School Rating Forms and Home Rating Forms.