Behavioral Intervention Planning, 3rd Edition

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behavioral intervention planning, 3rd edition

Behavioral Intervention Planning, 3rd Edition

31291P BIP-3 Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) Pk/25
31291M BIP-3 Manual
31291D BIP-3 Manifestation Determination, Pk/25
31291R BIP-3 Reasons and Review Forms, Pk/25
31291C BIP-3 Computer Version, single user
31291 Behavioral Intervention Planning, 3rd Edition (BIP-3) Kit
31291F BIP-3 Functional Behavioral Assessment Forms, Pk/25
31291S BIP-3 Computer Version, 6 pack


Comply with the requirements of the 2004 reauthorization of IDEA with the new BIP-3. This up-to-date and effective resource generates functional behavioral assessments (FBA) and behavioral intervention plans (BIP). This material works within any school district’s discipline policy structure.

The user-friendly manual includes:

  • FBA and BIP process overview and step-by-step directions for conducting an FBA, generating a BIP, and accomplishing a manifestation determination
  • observation forms to assist with data gathering for the FBA
  • BIP summary sheet for communicating information to administrators and others  
  • recommended intervention strategies and evaluation methods,
  • reproducible forms related to the BIP process
  • a list of resources

Four sets of two-page forms are included:

  • Reasons and Review
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Behavioral Intervention Plan
  • Manifestation Determination

COMPLETE BIP-3 KIT INCLUDES: Manual and 25 of each of the four forms ©2006.