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A comprehensive assessment of the expression and regulation of anger in youth.

31163 Anger Regulating and Expression Scale (ARES)
31163R ARES Full Response Forms, Pk/25
31163S ARES Short Response Forms, Pk/25
31163K ARES Scoring Software USB Key
31163M ARES Manual


Anger Regulating and Expression Scale (ARES)  NEW!
A comprehensive assessment of the expression and regulation of anger in youth.

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph. D. and Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph. D.

  • Age Range: 10-17 years
  • Time:  5 minutes—Short
               10 minutes—Full

The ARES is a self-report assessment derived from the Anger Disorder Scales, and can be sued in educational, clinical and correctional settings.

It was designed to be clinically-relevant in identifying specific patterns of feelings, behavior and thinking that can be addressed in intervention programs. Results provide a general overview and an in-depth insight into the psychological and behavioral aspects of anger, all of which may be used to highlight important problem areas, and inform appropriate interventions.

Scales and Forms

  • Arousal: Psychological, Cognitive
  • Rejection
  • Anger-In
  • Bitterness: Resentment, Suspiciousness


  • Overt Aggression: Physical, Verbal
  • Covert Aggression
  • Revenge
  • Bullying
  • Impulsivity
  • Subversion: Relational Aggression, Passive Aggression


  • Scope of Triggers
  • Problem Duration
  • Episode Duration

The ARES assesses tendencies towards inward and outward expressions of anger, along with the range and duration of anger experiences. It includes both Full-length and Short versions. The full-length ARES provides a comprehensive anger profile, and consists of 75 items which yield 25 scores that assess aspects of anger that contribute to poor functioning and maladjustment. The Short version consists of 17 items, providing information across three major domains of anger. It is an effective screening tool for identifying youth with problematic anger reactions.

The ARES Scoring Software Kit includes unlimited Scoring Software (USB Key), 25 each of the Full Response Forms and Short Response Forms, and a Manual.