Attention Test Linking Assessment and Services Mental Health Interview Screener-ATLAS Mental Health Screener

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attention test linking assessment and services mental health interview screener (atlas mental health screener)

The ATLAS Mental Health Interview Screener examines potential mental health disorders that may be comorbid with ADHD. For the most part, these were selected for inclusion, due to the high rate of comorbidity with attention deficit disorders.

32744H ATLAS Mental Health Interview Screener, Pk/25



This quick and easy to administer screener helps to discriminate between ADHD and other comorbid disorders

The purpose of the Mental Health Interview Screener is to examine potenial mental health disorders that may be comorbid with ADHD.  For the most part, these mental health disorders were selected for inclusion in the ATLAS, and this screener, due to the high rate of comorbidity with ADHD as noted in the literature.  Social phobia was included due to the severe consequences experienced by individuals when both disorders are present.  The Mental Health Interview Screener consists of 8 individual scales with items answered in a dichotomous manner: "Like the Youth/Not like the Youth." The "Like the Youth" responses are added together to get the raw scale score.


Group 1-Oppositional Defiant/Conduct Disorder

Group 2- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Group 3- Depression

Group 4- Bipolar Disorder

Group 5- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Group6- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Group 7- Social Phobia

Group 8- Autism

Scores on the Mental Health Interview Screener are compared agaist "Like the Youth" item endorsement totals from the norming sample.  As the norming sample contains nearly 45% youths with ADHD, one would expect the frequencies of the mental health disorders to be higher than in the general population.  The research literature has provided some approximations regarding the frequencies of these disorders in the ADHD population.  In setting "cut scores," the scores of individuals in the norming sample with prior diagnosis of the mental health disorder were utilized.  The scores of all individuals with prior diagnoses must not be lower than the middle range ("Neither Like nor Unlike the disorder"). 

Items within each disorder category were heavily influenced by the DSM IV-TR (2000). Items were modified or added to represent characteristics of the particular disorder. Care was taken to avoid items that were characteristic of attention disorders to avoid excessive overlap with ADHD.

The Mental Health Interview Screener can be used seperately, or as part of the ATLAS Kit.  This item comes in packages of 25.