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Identifies students whose behavior is perceived to be deviant.

32864 Behavior Rating Profile (BRP-2) Kit OUT OF PRINT
32864M BRP-2 Manual OUT OF PRINT
32864P BRP-2 Parent Rating Scale Booklets, Pk/50 OUT OF PRINT
32864S BRP-2 Student Rating Scale Booklets, Pk/50 OUT OF PRINT
32864T BRP-2 Teacher Rating Scale Booklets, Pk/50 OUT OF PRINT
32864F BRP-2 Student Profile Forms, Pk/50 OUT OF PRINT


Identifies students whose behavior is perceived to be deviant.
Linda Brown and Donald D. Hammill

  • Age Range: Grades 1 through 12
  • Time: 20 minutes

The BRP-2 is a unique battery of six norm-referenced instruments that provide different evaluations of a student’s behavior at home, at school, and in interpersonal relationships. Behaviors are evaluated from the varied perspectives of parents, teachers, peers, and the student himself.

Responses from the varied individuals and situations allow examiners to test different diagnostic hypotheses when confronted with reports of problem behavior. It identifies students with perceived deviant behavior, the settings in which behavior problems are prominent, and the persons whose perceptions of a student’s behavior are different from those of other respondents.

The BRP-2 components were all normed individually, on large, representative populations. The Student Rating Scales normative group included 2,682 students residing in 26 states. The Parent Rating Scales were completed by 1,948 parents in 19 different states. The Teacher Rating Scales were normed on a group of 1,452 teachers from 26 states.

Internal consistency reliability of the BRP-2 components was established with normal subjects, and with groups of students who were learning disabled and emotionally disturbed. Coefficients generally exceed .80 at all ages. Stability reliability coefficients are also reported.

Extensive evidence of validity is reported in the Manual. Correlations between with BRP-2 components and other measure of behavior are also reported.

The BRP-2 Kit includes a Manual and 50 each of the Student Rating Scale Booklets, Parent Rating Scale Booklets, Teacher Rating Scale Booklets and Profile Sheets.