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Quick screening of behavioral and emotional difficulties.

32000 Preschool Behavior Checklist Test Kit (PBCL Test Kit)


Quick screening of behavioral and emotional difficulties.
Jacqueline McGuire and Naomi Richman

  • Age Range: 2.0 - 5.11 years
  • Time: Approximately 30 - 40 minutes

This quick, criterion referenced 22-item screening tool is designed to help pre-school professionals who may be concerned about a child's behavioral and emotional difficulties. The PBCL provides an objective assessment of behavior, and thereby helps to decide when intervention is necessary. It is then possible, at an early age, to identify children who may be at risk of later developing serious behavioral problems.

The checklist consists of a series of items, within specific areas, including soiling, temper, fears, worries and moods. The examiner describes the degree of usually-observed behaviors. Scoring is completed quickly. Total scores can be compared to criterion cut-off scores, which indicate the possibility of behavioral or emotional problems. Individual item scores give information regarding specific behavioral areas. Results from the PBCL assist with the planning of management programs for the individual child.