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Identifies students who have difficulty with reversals.

32010 Jordan Left-Right Reveral Test- Third Ed, Kit (JLRRT-3)
32010R JLRRT-3 Record Forms, Pk/25
32010C JLRRT-3 Remedial Checklists, Pk/25
32010L JLRRT-3 Laterality Checklists, Pk/25
32010M JLRRT-3 Manual


Identifies students who have difficulty with reversals.
Brian T. Jordan, Ph.D.

  • Age Range: 5 through 18 years
  • Time: 20-30 minutes

Reversals are a major stumbling block for students learning to read. The JLRRT-3 not only identifies students having difficulty with reversals, but identifies what types of reversals are problematic: 

  • Objects   
  • Letters   
  • Numbers   
  • Words   
  • Letter Sequences

The JLRRT-3 has two parts (ages 5-8 take only part 1) consisting of five subtests, in developmental sequence.  The first and last subtests are new. A Remedial Checklist provides suggested remediation activities.

JLRRT Subtests

  • NEW! *1A– line drawings in which the student indicates which are reversed
  • 1B– letters and numbers in which the student indicates reversals
  • 2A– words in which the student indicates which letters are reversed
  • 2B– 20 sentences in which the student indicates reversed words (saw vs. was)
  • NEW! *2C– two columns of letter sequences which the student compares, then identifies which letters in the second column are out of sequence

Administration and Scoring
The JLRRT-3 can be administered to individuals or small groups. Two scores are derived:  

  • Correct Responses– reversals correctly identified
  • Errors– non-reversed items incorrectly identified as reversals, and reversals that were not identified

Both scores are converted to percentile ranks, and interpreted using cut-off scores based on score frequencies in the normative sample. Age equivalents are also provided.

The JLRRT-3 Kit includes 25 each of the Record Forms, Remedial Checklists and Laterality Checklists, and a Manual.